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Improve productivity, retention, and employee satisfaction by creating a stigma-free mental health culture.

Great organizational performance depends on employee wellness.

Yet, most organizations don’t have a culture that supports mental well-being.

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As a result, they overlook:

  • 1 out of 5 employees every year are struggling with a diagnosable mental illness, but less than half are seeking care, and many don’t even know that they are struggling.
  • Mental health struggles are one of the leading reasons for turnover, absenteeism, and low performance.
  • The way executives and direct supervisors ACT contributes significantly to whether employees get healthier or worse.

Let’s transform our cultures into stigma-free mental well-being zones.


Our Story

1 in 5 U.S. adults experience mental illness each year. Perhaps it's even you.

Our founder, Adam Nemer, a CFO and Operations senior leader at one of the largest healthcare organization in America, was one of those 20% who walk the halls of every organization struggling with mental health. For over 18 years, he struggled unknowingly with severe depression, anxiety, and panic. For 18 years.

Fortunately, he had a compassionate boss who encouraged him to get help, and it changed his life.

As Adam walked towards healing, he began to talk about his story and encourage others in his organization to be aware of the mental health needs around and inside them. As he shared, he realized he was making a difference in other people’s lives.

So he developed a comprehensive mental health wellness program for the entire organization with incredible results. He began speaking anywhere and everywhere he could, encouraging executives, managers, and team members to grow in their awareness and understanding of mental health.

But even as he saw his work making a difference, he saw how prevalent the shame and stigma around mental health was and how much other organizations could benefit from mental health literacy.

So he started our company, Simple Mental Health Leadership Consulting, to help other organizations develop stigma-free mental health environments.

Because when your leaders know what struggles their employees are facing and how to help them, they not only create exponential improvement in employee satisfaction and retention (and achieve greater results), they also change lives.

Ready to create your healthy well-being culture?

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Which option will drive the best results for your organization?

Equip your entire organization to break free of the shame and stigma surrounding mental illness.

Here’s How We’ll Work Together.

1. Enlighten

Our founder Adam teaches your leaders and employees the Isolation Cycle and how they can be a part of the solution through a heart-stirring, customized keynote detailing his experiences as a leader unknowingly suffering with severe depression, anxiety, and panic for 18 years. 

Your team will leave with:

  • A better understanding of what mental health is and how it can impact a person.
  • Greater awareness of how the stigma and shame of mental health could be affecting their colleagues and themselves.
  • The motivation to help and encourage others who may be struggling with a mental illness.

2. Educate

Our team partners with you to train and certify your entire team in Mental Health First Aid. They will learn to see past the shame and stigma and confidently navigate mental health needs in the workplace.

Your team will learn:

  • How to identify a colleague who might be struggling with mental wellness.
  • Practical steps for approaching a struggling colleague with compassion, nonjudgmental listening, and hopeful reassurance.
  • Strategies for encouraging others to practice self-care and, when needed, seek professional help.

3. Empower

Our team will work with you to create an environment that minimizes and even prevents workplace anxiety and panic. We will assess your needs and provide appropriate solutions for promoting psychologically safe leadership practices across your organization. 

Solutions may include:

  • Ongoing facilitated learning sessions
  • Executive-in-residency programs
  • Individual coaching 

Keynote Options.

1. Simple Mental Health

Transform Your Organizational Culture into a Stigma-Free Mental Wellbeing Zone.

The Simple Mental Health model presented in this keynote awakens your audience to the powerful impact mental illness has on lives (and team performance) and empowers them with simple steps they can take to immediately make a difference in their workplace.

With 20% of us suffering annually from mental illness, this program is perfect for anyone:  

  • Worried about employee retention and the toll workplace culture can take on mental health.
  • Looking for more holistic, empathetic, and psychologically safe approaches to performance improvement.
  • Interested in developing a culture of mental wellness to complement and ignite the use of their existing employee wellness programs.

The audience will leave with:

  • An inspired perspective on the prevalence and impact of the myths, stigma, shame, and silence surrounding mental illness.  
  • A deeper understanding of how mental illness affects individuals, employee retention, and organizational performance.
  • A very simple first step that will change their lives and the lives of everyone around them.  
  • The energy and motivation to take the first step and begin changing the world!

2. Creating Psychologically Safe Organizations, Teams & Leaders

3 Simple, Effective Tools for Improving Mental Health & Organizational Performance

For over eighteen years, Adam effectively led high-performance teams while struggling with undiagnosed depression, anxiety and panic. The key? Three tools that helped him create psychological safety among his teams so they could achieve their highest potential. This keynote equips your leaders to reduce panic and anxiety for their teams (and themselves) by setting clear expectations, cutting through perceived constraints, and solving the right problems.

This program is perfect for leaders:

  • Who believe that the mental well-being of their teams is among their top leadership priorities to improve organizational performance and employee satisfaction.
  • Looking to create authentic psychological safety among their teams.
  • Who have lived experience with mental illness, whether themselves or a loved one, and want to leverage their experience to help others.

The audience will leave with:

  • A clear framework for communicating with your employees, so they focus on the right work.
  • An innovative perspective on problem-solving that allows them to negotiate priorities quickly and accomplish the seemingly impossible.
  • A simple-to-use leadership tool that expands possibilities more than you ever thought possible.

Support your leaders in becoming the best versions of themselves with our concierge coaching program.

1. Our Philosophy

Create Psychologically Safe Leaders and Teams. 

The most effective leadership is based on authenticity, compassion, and humility. We partner with your leaders on a journey of self-awareness and empathetic understanding for those they lead. The result is psychologically safe leaders and teams.

Your leaders will learn how to:

  • Foster authenticity and vulnerability within their team, enabling trust to grow and collaboration to blossom.
  • Create a judgment-free environment where team members can express their best ideas and innovate fearlessly.
  • Lead with a whole-person mindset so their team feels connected, engaged, and eager to achieve their full potential.

2. Our Clients

Champions for Psychological Safety

Our coaching program is designed to support leaders who choose a stakeholder-value approach to management. These leaders understand that their teams will operate best in an atmosphere of trust and collaboration and are willing to adopt new ways of thinking and managing to create a psychologically safe work environment.

Leaders who will benefit from our coaching:

  • Believe that employee wellness is one of their top priorities as a leader.
  • Want to be more vulnerable, authentic, and psychologically safe. 
  • Are trying to improve employee turnover and recruiting with a whole-person approach to leadership.
  • Worry about mental wellness and how it impacts their employees, their organizations, and themselves.
  • May have lived experience of mental illness, whether themselves, or a friend or family member.

3. Our Process

Intensive Sessions, 24/7 Support

We believe coaching works best when it couples deep-dive conversations with ad-hoc real-time availability.  Your leaders need support during the critical moments of their day, not just “the third Thursday of every month at 2 pm”. Yet they still need dedicated time and space to learn and process. 

Our flexible concierge coaching model includes: 

  • Regular check-ins designed to educate and empower your leaders.
  • Real-time observation to illuminate leadership blind spots.
  • 24x7 availability to address critical situations as they arise.
  • “Executive in residency” programs as needed.

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