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Vice President, Product Strategy and Development at United Healthcare


Adam’s eloquent, heart-first approach makes his story instantly relatable.

His bravery in candidly talking about mental health opens the door for deep and safe conversations at work. He brings a level of authenticity and safety to the topic that lifts the stigma so people can open up and begin to heal."


More than 20% of Americans experience a diagnosable mental illness every year...

but they rarely get the help that will allow them to live and perform at their best.


Because of the myths that perpetuate the Isolation Cycle of mental illness.

Break the
Isolation Cycle

Our keynotes dispel the myths surrounding mental illness...

and inspire a culture of mental wellbeing and psychological safety.

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The myths we've taught ourselves about mental illness generate stigma.

"Depression isn't a real illness, it's a choice"

The insidious stigma attached to the disease and those who experience it causes shame.

"People with depression are just weak."

Feelings of shame for those who struggle with mental illness. So, we silence.

"What's wrong with me? Why am I weak?"

So we stay silent, and the cycle perpetuates itself.

"I can't tell anyone."

Simple Mental Health 101

Transform Your Organizational Culture into a Stigma-Free Mental Wellbeing Zone.

The Simple Mental Health model presented in this keynote awakens your audience to the powerful impact mental illness has on lives (and team performance) and empowers them with simple steps they can take to immediately make a difference in their workplace.

With 20% of us suffering annually from mental illness, this program is perfect for anyone:

  • Worried about employee retention and the toll workplace culture can take on mental health.
  • Interested in developing a culture of mental wellness to complement and ignite the use of their existing employee wellness and DEI programs.
  • Looking for more holistic, empathetic, and psychologically safe approaches to performance improvement.

The audience will leave with:

  • An inspired perspective on the prevalence and impact of the myths, stigma, shame, and silence surrounding mental illness.
  • A deeper understanding of how mental illness affects individuals, employee retention, and organizational performance.
  • A very simple first step that will change their lives and the lives of everyone around them.
  • The energy and motivation to take the first step and begin changing the world!

Creating Psychologically Safe Organizations, Teams & Leaders

Simple & Effective Tools to Improve Mental Health & Organizational Performance

For over eighteen years, Adam effectively led high-performance teams while struggling with undiagnosed depression, anxiety and panic. The key? Simple tools that helped him create psychological safety among his teams so they could achieve their highest potential. This keynote equips your leaders with the Leadership Behaviors that Matter that reduce panic and anxiety for their teams (and themselves) by setting clear expectations, cutting through perceived constraints, and solving the right problems.

With more than 20% of us suffering annually from mental illness, this program is perfect for anyone:

  • Who believes that the mental well-being of their teams is among their top leadership priorities to improve organizational performance and employee satisfaction.
  • Looking to create authentic psychological safety among their teams.
  • Who has lived experience with mental illness, whether themselves or a loved one, and want to leverage their experience in the workplace to help others.

The audience will leave with:

  • A clear framework for communicating with your employees that reduces anxiety and worry while improving their productivity, retention, and happiness at work.
  • Simple guiding principles for applying mental health literacy at work that will propel team performance.
  • New and refreshing perspectives on how they might show up as their authentic selves each day as leaders.
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Talent Advisor and Executive Coach, Sachs Talent Advisors
Chair of the Advisory Board, Leadership Development Group

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“Adam’s passion for sharing the leadership lessons he learned growing a successful executive career while unaware of his own battle with mental illness provides a great example of how vulnerable and authentic leaders can enhance their own effectiveness and also create an environment that supports the well being of others within their organizations.”

Let’s transform our cultures into

stigma-free mental
well-being zones.

Let’s transform our cultures into

stigma-free mental
well-being zones.


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